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Electromagnetism with Fortran and Mathematica

Aleksandar Donev - Dr. Phillip Duxbury

October 2000

We will now start a new series of worksheets dealing with electrostatic and electrodynamics problems in Fortran 90 and Mathematica. Mathematica is very often used in order to check the validity of results obtained via alternative methods. But Mathematica is also very useful by itself and so these worksheets will remind you of its syntax and usage in visualization, solving ODE's, etc. Remember to look in the on-line help for clues. In the next two class periods we will plot the electrostatic potential and field of a set of static charges. Take your time with the worksheet and do not rush. It is more important that you understand the concepts discussed than to finish everything, since these will appear frequently throughout the semester. After you finish this worksheet, we will look at electrodynamics of charged particles in electromagnetic fields.


Aleksandar Donev